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The mobile app industry continues to influence more advances in technology and redirect daily routines. To list a few, development teams optimize e-commerce, apps store or social media applications for most people with iOS devices such as iPhones & iPads Android smartphones/tablets , Blackberry phones etc.. Innovations can be seen across many industries due to this trend including retail stores that use the term "check out" on their website instead of asking customers if they want cash back while ordering online from Amazon.

These mobile applications are a major part of their user interface and mobile app development companies must understand mobile applications design and create them accordingly. Some of the most important things to understand about mobile app development is to design them with best use of space and functionality as there is a need to provide a better and user friendly user experience for the customer and users. One can only learn more about mobile applications and this post is about best practices in mobile application development.

Mobile App Design

Designing a mobile application requires much forethought and it should be planned out carefully. This would save a lot of time and money by doing so. Here are some of the things to be considered for mobile application design to have a smoother user experience:

App Design Layout

The most important thing in a mobile application layout is to ensure the user has a great and convenient user interface that can meet their needs. Mobile app development companies can easily use the mobile design templates for iPhone and iPad in their development process. A mobile layout template can be a user friendly website that also gives the app its design guidelines. Mobile app design layout should be optimized for mobile by designing it with responsive design so that it can look better on any mobile device. This would help in creating better user experience by allowing the app to function well on various devices. Designers need to understand the layout that is being created for mobile so that it does not look like it is created for the desktop. With better mobile layouts, one can improve an already designed application and it can look like a mobile application.

One of the important things about mobile design layouts is to create a layout that can be easily modified depending on the device on which it is being used. For example, Apple iPhone and iPad users would not see a website as an app. For that reason, mobile app design template should be a website layout that looks like a mobile app. Designers should make sure that a website template includes content on the top and bottom of the screen, sidebars for navigation and the main content itself. Mobile app design layouts should also be in a single screen so that there is no need to open another application window. As most mobile apps are apps that are intended to be used on the phone itself, they should have an intuitive menu with links and easy to use features that are easily available for the user.

User Interface Design

A mobile user interface should be designed keeping a few things in mind. The most important thing in a mobile user interface is that it should be simple to operate so that the user can carry on with their day to day life as much as they can. Mobile app design companies can keep the navigation at the top of the screen as it is the area that the users look at. The mobile user interface should also be easy to search. Another important thing is that the back-end of a mobile app should be intuitive so that it does not distract the user from using the application. An application that takes time to learn how to use is not a good app for the users to use. Therefore, it is important that the mobile user interface is quick to learn and use. Once a mobile user interface is designed, the user should also be able to carry on with their day to day activities while using the app. Mobile app design companies should use good content to make the interface easy to use.


The design aspects of the mobile application can help the user to know how to use the mobile application but how will a user know if an application is doing its job or not? A mobile user interface should do its job, that is, give answers to users' questions and help them get what they want. It should also be easy for the user to navigate around the app. The user should not have to click too many times in the mobile application to get what they want. For this reason, it is important for a mobile application to have efficient backend features. A mobile application can have features that a user may not even know are there and can help to make the application faster and more efficient. However, if a user is not interested in the information or has an idea of the information that they need and they click on the link provided, they would then get unwanted results. Therefore, the functionality of the mobile application is essential for a user to know about it, how it can be used and also how they can find what they want from it.

Content and Quality

A mobile user interface should have quality content. The content of the mobile app should be interesting and should provide enough information that the user can find what they are looking for easily. There should also be enough content to attract more users. If the content is not enough, it can make the app less interesting for the user. While doing the research, the mobile app design company should use the features that help them plan for content. These features help them to understand what to write and who to write to. When designing content for mobile, the first thing that should be considered is whether it is informative or educational. If it is an informative content, it should be used to answer some of the most common questions asked by the mobile users. It should be written to make sure that it is interesting for the user. When writing a mobile user interface content, it should be informative, written in a concise manner and in a language that a user can understand. There is also another way to write mobile content. An application can be mobile optimized to make it easier for the user to read and understand, especially on smaller mobile screens.


A mobile application needs to be easy to use for the user. This includes the menu, the menu design, content design, design as a whole and any additional content. A mobile user interface should be designed in a way that it allows the user to get what they want. This also includes a search feature. A mobile application that has an effective search feature saves a lot of time and helps the user find what they want quickly. Mobile users generally search on their phones for things like directions and food. Therefore, it is very important to include search features in the mobile application. Mobile application design companies can use various features to optimize a mobile app for user experience. They can use Google Mobile Web API, Facebook Graph API, Foursquare API, Search API and Twitter API to improve the search and findability features of the mobile application.

User Experience

A mobile user interface should be well designed with best use of space and technology that helps the user to get what they want. A mobile app should not slow down the user's experience by loading unnecessary content. A mobile user interface that works properly should not need a restart if the user enters a wrong search criteria, shows the wrong page, gets incorrect results or if they lose their connection. In order to ensure that the user experience is optimized, mobile application designers can use web analytics that include such things as customer satisfaction, customer behavior, page impressions and conversion rate. They can also use tools to measure a mobile user experience. There are tools such as Google's mobile analytics tool and Flurry's mobile dashboard that can be used for analyzing customer behavior. The analytics can help to predict a user's behavior by measuring and analyzing the data and making the changes accordingly.


A mobile app needs to be secure and that means that data that is collected about the user should be protected. This means that data should not be lost in a situation where the user is not using a secure network. Data should be stored securely and the information that is about a user should be protected from unauthorized access. Mobile app designers should also use encryption and secure authentication mechanisms for the data. This would be useful when a user is using a mobile app on a public network that may have a Wi-Fi password on it. In such a case, the password is not considered secure and so the mobile app will not work on it.