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Keep your place at the top or climb your way up there. We will help you to the top and make sure you stay there.



Fully custom websites to fit your custom goals and targets hand crafted by experts.

SEO Optimization

We perform deep competitive research into what works and roll that out.

App Development

Custom developed internal and public applications. All our products have unlimited scale capabilities.

We Use Data to strategically plan for your companies future

Being able to study your businesses performance is an important factor for growth. This gives us the information we need to decide where we need to go. Don't wander in the dark, get results based on hard evidence!

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A complete analysis of your current web presence.


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Built on the latest technology

We use high scalability and performant servers. As an AWS partner we leverage a growing set of innovative technologies provided by Amazon Web Services to allow your business to infinitely grow.

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Your company website is the main entry to your business for a lot of people. A website should provide an ease of use for qualified customers to help them find and purchase your services.

At Wallington Web, we use cutting edge technologies to develop websites. We will build an extension of your business that runs itself and brings in customers by the barrel.


SEO is one of the most important parts of a website today. People go online to find answers, and most of the time they go to Google or one of the various search engines that exist. Without optimizing for this fact, you can lose out to competitors who do.


Online marketing or internet marketing, is a form of marketing and advertising that uses the web and electronic communication technologies to promote products or services. It's a form of marketing that is part of the wider industry. Its purpose is to promote products or services and generate sales or leads through the internet. Online marketing involves the use of a web site as a tool to gain marketing exposure.


Online security isn’t always a simple process. We take serious steps to protect all of your data. We work with companies that need to store compliant and secure data on a server. We handle and welcome this kind of work. Lets keep your stuff secure.

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